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L : LL COOL J : Todd Smith

Todd Smith
Текст песни Preserve The Sexy

Preserve The Sexy

(feat. Teairra Mari)

[Teairra Mari:]
Teairra Mari

[LL Cool J:]
You seem like a type
That wanna do a couple things
When I look in your eyes
I can tell you ready to swing

[Teairra Mari:]
Slow down baby
I'm waitin more than a fling
And I'm up on the game
That you own G-screen

[LL Cool J:]
Damn it's like that
Cryin logical attacks
Your talkin really breezy
Easy that's crap

[Teairra Mari:] You need to fall back
[LL Cool J:] What you sayin I'm a wreck
[Teairra Mari:] Teairra ain't a trick
I ain't with all that

[LL Cool J:]
Now, see you talkin real ball
Your vibes is real cold
You better smarten up
Slide in the rolls

[Teairra Mari:]
I'm not the next chick
You can hit the exit
Everything you sayin
It's just what I expected

[LL Cool J:]
Parts are projected
Many more are you collected
Life is a movie
I'm just tryna direct
You know like I know
You do wanna stay connected
Hit you to the rules of the game
Shorty check it

[LL Cool J:] Chain on my neck
[Teairra Mari:] Preserve the sexy
[LL Cool J:] The 0's in the check
[Teairra Mari:] Preserve the sexy
[LL Cool J:] Crib and the whips
[Teairra Mari:] Preserve the sexy
[LL Cool J:] Cash, the chips
[Teairra Mari:] Preserve the sexy
[LL Cool J:] The honey on my arm
[Teairra Mari:] Preserve the sexy
[LL Cool J:] The ice and the charm
[Teairra Mari:] Preserve the sexy
[LL Cool J:] Teairra Mari
[Teairra Mari:] Preserve the sexy
[LL Cool J:] Your man L on this beat
[Teairra Mari:] Preserve the sexy

[LL Cool J:]
You really should let me
Keep you in this epy
Straight E-bees, H-bendels, Chanell
This is L

[Teairra Mari:] You doin a lot of frontin
[LL Cool J:] But that ain't hard to tell
[Teairra Mari:] You tryna flip me
[LL Cool J:] Naw B
[Teairra Mari:] That's T

[LL Cool J:]
Aha, we'll see
Spend a little time with me
By the time I make a move
You'll be sayin finally

[Teairra Mari:] Ain't no moves to be made
[LL Cool J:] Too many games get played
[Teairra Mari:] Too many chickens get layed
And watch their record say she's tained
[LL Cool J:] Where you from
[Teairra Mari:] Detroit
[LL Cool J:] What that mean
[Teairra Mari:] I'mma point

[LL Cool J:]
Relax, we talkin
Don't get your draws out of joint
I wanna see you smile
Elevate your life style
Cop a yacht
Hit the south the French

[Teairra Mari:]
Not a chance

[LL Cool J:]
Keep your little advance
This one's on me
In the chef's a boar
You can eat for free

[Teairra Mari:]
Slow down sweetie
My waist is 24
I'm far from greedy

[LL Cool J:]
You gonna love it believe me


[LL Cool J:]
Back sippin Venome S
Spillin it all my leanin
My baby's smooth leather
It' softer than most women
Everything is crist
From my cuff to the trimmin
Words can't describe
All the gummers that I've been in

[Teairra Mari:]
I've been half caught in yes
Which whips every day
My lil jack Russell
Knows how to hustle
I stay with canary's on
Platinum on every song
Hate it or love it
Them respect how I does it

[LL Cool J:]
Well I'm not them
That's how I got gems
Cost a quarter million Dollars
For Don ? rims
Understand me Slim
That's how the game begin
If he was me, then he do the same to him
But L's the real deal
So tell me how you feel
Tell me one of your secrets
I keep my lips sealed

[Teairra Mari:]
That's for me to know
And you to find out

[LL Cool J:]
Long as we both now
What we talkin bout


[LL Cool J:] What you wanna do
[Teairra Mari:] Preserve the sexy
[Till the end]

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