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L : LIL' WAYNE : Tha Carter

Tha Carter
Текст песни On My Own

On My Own

[lil wayne]
Eagle, eagle carter man
In a 96 regal contraband
On my way to the east to the laundromat
Got to wash dat money and get on my ass
Flip them bricks it be gone so fast
I got to do something i done blown my last
Dolla holla at ya boy i be on da ave
In dat g pricko is what i am known to have
If shit tend to be slow i put on a mask
Make it halloween and take all ya bags
I say Holly Hollygrove won't you go on and stab and
Make these muthafuckas understand
Look coach you pitching at me under hand
But i am a designated hitter i adjust so fast
Ya men designing women i am a one woman's man
Cash money prince blow the trumpet man
They say they want the drugs to stop but i am a major step back when my album drop
I got dat wet crack flow out ya mammi's pot i got dat i got dat jet black four at ya mammi's spot
I am trying to get dat dough i demand it now
You panic now , you betta panic down
For the neighbors be over here tearing it down
This is weezy f baby i am crowned the prince
[hook - repeat 2X]
This is my town, my home, this is my crown, my thrown, this is me on my own ,lets get it on

[lil wayne]
And the hand gun is so included don't get it confused i want no confusion and keep ya hoe i
Don't want your contusions
I make my hoes stop and let the dough keep moving
A bitch over some money is a hungry nuisance
Its money over bitches that i am going to keep provin'
Its weezy f i got ya momma cruisin' out of all the hot boyz she say i am the coolest
I brought my bag of oranges dis time to juice it
It game is a bitch and i am trying to seduce
I floss a awful lot and haters on trying to reduce it
Put the laser on the 45 is iron you stupid
On shot just to remind you nigga you dat fly lil nigga dats behind da trigger
I am all chronic combined with liquor
You will never see me like momma tigger
An eighty's baby a fighting nigga , nigga i got it on my mind like a psychic nigga
I am something you call pepper like a viking snake,see me over the viking stove i am lighting
Or in the middle of the shoot out i am tighting clips
Pop another one shoot back while lighting spliffs, are you catching my drift repersenting with
My section on my belly and shit i am the prince
[hook - repeat 2X]
This is my town, my home, this is my crown, my thrown, this is me on my own ,lets get it on
[lil wayne]
So roll the carpet out cause you are fucking with a nigga from the royal south
See you are either in or you are out and you out stay in because them warriors are out, because
Those vultures, cops, and those lawyers are out
So i just open up the gate and let my holliers out
No nigga i neva call your house i am probably some where taking Toya out
Not answer my phone man ignoring ya spose
She leaving messages about me enjoying her mouth
Hey i am ready to knock a boy in the mouth
Give me the name naw better yet point him out
Ai me and the streets got a joint accountiam from the streets dat you need to be warned about
New Orleans woadie put the gat in your mouth
And if we feed you with alot of iron it will flatten you out
A few roaches but never had no rats in this house, never telling one another leave dat in the
I always been a small hustler moving my packing out
If i ever run into some trouble send my savages out
These niggas talking sweet i will get dem cavaties out
I got graveyard flyers man i am passing them out
Hey bitch nigga get ya ass on the ground and bow down to ya majesty now i am the prince
[hook - repeat 2X]
This is my town, my home, this is my crown, my thrown, this is me on my own, lets get it on

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