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Текст песни I Wanna Know

I Wanna Know

1 - if you got kids back home, I wanna know
If you don't, I wanna know
If you're straight or you ain't, I wanna know
If you're broke, I wanna know
I wanna know, I wanna know, I wanna know
I wanna know, I wanna know, I wanna know

If you wanna be with me, I gotta know
What you doin', where you goin', what you havin'
Who you love, who you like, who you're seein'
Before I let you in
Cuz I learned from my past, oh yes I did
Met a guy that I liked, he was my type
But he lied 'bout his wife
And he tried to play me, play me

2 - (now all alone, was he gone)
Way before he told me 'bout that
I can't believe he did me like that
Something I shoulda known, oh yeah
(but I've learned my lesson)
Not again will I be naive
I need to know the secrets y'all keep
Cuz what I don't know could come back on me

Repeat 1

If you wanna fall in love, gotta be aware
'bout the life that your lover's been leadin'
So you know if you're gonna be schemin'
Or if she gonna dog you out
Cuz I know I've had my share, oh yes I did
Did me wrong, stayin' at some woman's place
I'm scared he was not a closet case
Still was cheatin' but not that way

Repeat 2

Repeat 1

Ladies, oh ladies
Gotta know the partners he's had
So later on, you won't be mad
Findin' out what you don't know
And fellas, oh fellas
Check for that adam's apple
So you won't be on no talk show
Findin' out what you don't know

Repeat 1 to fade

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