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J : JUNGLE BROTHERS : Done by Forces of Nature

Done by Forces of Nature
Текст песни U Make Me Sweat

U Make Me Sweat

Everybody gettin on my back
Some say ya just don't know how to act
Afrika, you act too wild
Get away from me you cramp my style
But lovely lady, can't you see
This is what you do to me?
Got me workin to the bone
Then you ask whyyyyyy I ain't home
Work all day and then at night
I come runnin home to treat you right
Try to spend time with my two children
But this world has got me goin
Round and round I just can't stop
On and on I might just drop
Slippin and fallin but that's okay
I do it all for you anyway
Do my best just to please you
And in return this is what you do

Chorus: repeat 2x

U make me sweat
U make me work
U make my body
Wanna go and do the jerk

[mike g]
Pretty little mama, what's your kick?
I'd like to know, what makes you tick
Off to work, all prettied up
As I watch you I'm all giddied up
I'd like to know where yo' mind is at
But you say you ain't got no time for that
I try to test ya, put on the pressure
Finally got ya, on the spot ha
Now I regret every effort I made
You finally gave in, now you want to invade
I can't tell my left from my right
Sweet girl you got my head feelin light
Everybody asks what's wrong with mike g
Now you tell me, you're havin a baby
Jimmy hat, I blame it on you..
{*ih-it's it's it's all because, of you.. -> slick rick*}

There's not a problem that I can't fix..
There's not a problem.. there's not a problem that..
There's not a problem that I can't fix..
There's not a problem not a problem not a problem..

Remember last year in the summertime? (yeah)
The rumor went around that you was on mine
Back then I didn't care cause I was after you (uhh)
Thought of all the plans that I had for you
Thinkin to myself, baby bam you're set (set)
Now you wanna go and play hard to get (what? )
Ahhh man, ain't that a shame
Fall came around and she forgot my name
Diane, diane, I don't understand (oh diane!)
You're out of this world, you know what girl?

Chorus (repeat w/ variation 1/2)

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