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J : JONI MITCHELL : Unreleased on Record

Unreleased on Record
Текст песни Moon in The Mirror

Moon in The Mirror

Moon in the mirror,
Won't you stay a while tonight?
All things of beauty
Are too soon out of sight.
I know it's a selfish plea;
You must light the hearts of more than me.
There's a girl at her window;
Now she's trying to catch your eye.
But oh, pretty stranger,
You must keep on passing by.
Moon in the mirror, I don't know you;
Just a reflection of kisses
And whispers and indigo skies.
Moon in the mirror, look below you.
Moon's looking back and they're loving
And longing and telling no lies.
Moon in the mirror,
I will ask you one more time,
Not for a reason and not for a rhyme,
But please tell me if you can,
Have you seen a moonlit man?
He's so very like you,
You could see him from afar.
Perhaps he's a misplaced moonbeam
Or a banished star.
Moon in the mirror, he's so like you.
Light up the room for an hour;
A smile or the beat of my heart.
Oh, how my heart tried to fight him,
Fight against mirrors of moonlight
Or lovelight. you lost from the start,
From the start

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