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Try My Love
Текст песни A Different Man

A Different Man

Come on baby, hey... oh yeah.. baby, I need your lovin' baby.. hey.. oh yeah...

Now that I'm all alone, no one to turn to, no one to call my own, suddenly I realized, that your love you have for me was so sincere..

*i took advantage of your love girl, and I don't even know what I was thinking of baby, but now I feel so empty inside, and I need your loving back, 'cause this feeling I can't hide...

Chorus: come back home to me, you will see a different man.. come back home to me, girl I didn't understand, why you took your love for me..

Oh so many broken promises, I always seem to let you down.. and no wonder that you cared for me, 'cause when you needed me, I was never around. they say the love is give and take.. too much misf
E I could never give.. I took for granted that you'd be back, give me one more chance I have love you girl..

Repeat chorus & *

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