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J : JEDI MIND TRICKS : Visions of Ghandi

Visions of Ghandi
Текст песни Raw Is War 2003

Raw Is War 2003

this is not like any other fight I've been in, there's nothing these kids can do to stop me, its gonna be a night of pain...

scratching (sample)

Verse 1: Vinnie Paz

We heavenly devine, that's why we steadily shine,
and put a steel mic through an enemy's spine.
My voice got power like if ten of me rhyme.
and gettin in my face mean its weaponary time.
Look at you, studying my every rhyme,
banging this, listening to every line, have em rewind.
Vinnie Paz will fight vicious,
Y'all easier to fuck with than white bitches.
We nice with this, ya'll better stand still
Must have forgot the fact Vinnie Paz ill.
I doubt y'all, hologram the outlaw,
ya'll muhfuckers is never right like southpaws.
Thats why I doubt ya'll, ya'll ain't raw,
wettin' you with a 45 caliber claw.
You wanna see the last kid I battled before?
Then check his fuckin brains where it splattered the wall.

Chorus: Sample

Verse 2: Vinnie Paz

You're forced to fight, when I'm scorchin' the mic,
My source of life, holy, like the corpse of Christ.
You lost your life and I'm the sorcerer right?
And Vinnie Paz rhyme have you lost in the light.
What ya'll muchfuckers think you flossin' tonight?
Gimme that, matter of fact, toss me your ice.
we steel, my clique is too ill,
and ya'll, ya'll more bitch than Dru Hill.
But the true skill that comes through me,
is from bangin' on hell freeze by cool-c.
Ya'll don't move me, ya'll at war with the veteran,
with a digital trigger finger like the lederman.
the vendetta man, I know where my hearts at,
I'm the better man, so don't start that.
When I bomb back, burn fuckin leeches,
send you to hell to see more shells than beaches.
We eliters, we from Hamburger Hill,
science and math combine with supreme skill.
My team ill, I'll send you to hell fast,
the cream build, you buried in Belfast.

Chorus: Sample

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