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J : JAHEIM : Still Ghetto

Still Ghetto
Текст песни Me & My Bitch

Me & My Bitch

[verse 1]
Sitting here with carats in your ears, mink on your back, your bank account
You deserve everything you got cause you held me down when things got hot on
The block
Looking back I remember the days when shit got thick you were the first to say
Baby keep your head up, it will be ok
You're better off without that kind of bad ass nigga anyway

It's on tonight cash up in the dash and I'm feelin right
Got heat up in the seat just in case of beef
For anyone who wanna come test me and my baby
Honey don't be afraid see this cat ridin in that escalade
Plotting on my riches yeah he will get slayed
Messin 'round with me and my lady, me and my bitch

[verse 2]
You're a dream you're my ghetto queen if I ain't got nobody else I know I got
You on my team
So I knock, get the cake, cop the rocks, meet your pops then move your whole
Family off the block
Still niggas talking this and that jah don't how to treat you don't know how to
Act you're a good girl you deserve better than that when in fact accounts are
Major got your name attached


It's on tonight do what you like
Whatever's wrong I'll make it right
Got your back count on that
Whatever you need I'm down for you cause
You're on my team you're my everything
Your doe gettin low girl I gots to pay
So tonight it's all on you so won't you let your
Boy know what you trying to do


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