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F : FORMAT : Interventions And Lullabies

Interventions And Lullabies
Текст песни Tune Out

Tune Out

It's your bed, so please choose a side ill take the one closest to the door and you start to speak the words that try to
Justify do far more wrong then anything you do so grab the coat, the keys, the tension speaks but we're singing it
Ill tap the break while you crack the window the smell of smoke is making my lungs explode the 51 is backed up and too slow
Lets tune out by turning on the radio and this town is dead weve been caught in these sheets way too long lets just see whos
Up on this screen no one i know is more depressing then me or should i say the two of us cause after all we're all weve got
And tension speaks but we're singing it
And oh my love youre all i need backed behind a frequency they played this
Song an hour ago lets tune out by turning on the radio havent we heard this song about a thousand times before oh well after
Awhile it all sounds the same i guess its better then silence and better then shame

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