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E : EN VOGUE : Runaway Love

Runaway Love
Текст песни Runaway Love

Runaway Love

Are you ready to roll? /funky divas, with a cool isle stroll/sending smooth vibes to all our great fans/it feels good to be grooving again.

Chocolate cream to me baby (so sweet to me)/like some honey to a honey bee/i am drawn to you baby like a (strong magnet-oh!)/once I'm there, there's no turning back/there is no real excuse, for
This abuse/i keep (running back, taking slack-don't know what to say or to do)/it's amazing, but I'm not crazy/(I can't win/it's a sin, so I feel I have to fight out)

(chorus)(runaway love)/like a train on open tracks now/it's too hard to turn it back now/feels good without a doubt yeah/has to stop before it turns me out.

Oh I'm not qualified (to put up with games with out)I've been hurt hard lately (I'm not for being used) no more/just a little lovin'/it's like a drug and I'm a drug addict/i just don't know why
T can't let go/i can't (walk away, fade away, everyday my love grows and grows)/it's cause of sickness/or is it weakness/should I cope? /is there hope? /all I know is it's hard to go on.


(high-h-h-h)take me/take me, take me(higher, higher)(high-h-h-h)ohhh, take me/(repeat)

(chrous)like a triple contraction/it's too hard to turn it back/feels good without a doubt yeah/has to stop before it turns me out/ohh, just a runaway love/feel's good without a doubt baby/has t
P before it turns me out.

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