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C : CRIME MOB : Crime Mob

Crime Mob
Текст песни Ain't No Joke

Ain't No Joke

[Hook: repeat 8X]
But alright I ain't no joke
I ain't no joke

[Verse 1: Diamond]
Bitch you a imposter the money I be after
Peeping up on my roster I check you fucking bastards
And if you got a problem come and solve it I ain't no hoe
Cause I'm the flawless chick just thought that you should fucking know
Ain't no need to question cause it's clear that I'm the baddest
if you think I'm fucking joking you should check my fucking status
I know you think we cool but it's ok you ain't my folk
just bring it to the wood and I'm show you I ain't no joke

[Verse 2: Killa C]
You know KC a killer so label me a thriller
I'm known for smoking men but never smoking Reggie Miller
you know push come to shove when we smoking on some drugs
You fucking with some killers bitch you fucking with some thugs
A-T-L real niggaz MOB money getters
call us gorrilla niggaz we stacking on bigger figures
Ain't scared to pull triggers swanging on pussy niggaz
Killa C, MOB, now who the fuck think they realer young bitch


[Verse 3: Pyscho Blac]
This for all you jabble mouths that smother me with nonsense
Talking big and tough but get nervous when my tool click
This ain't no joke and this for sure you'll get your ass drug
Coming at me wrong I'll run you home dripping licking blood
I don't give a fuck I got ana to y'all hatin suckas
Nigga you gone see me get buck up on you motherfuckers
I'm no busta so don't try me like no erkel nerd
when these combos come you'll be stunned like I struck a nerve

[Verse 4: Princess]
You shoulda listened to your conscience now I'm coming right at ya
I pull your cards like a magician nigga abra cadabra
I'm the master of this army you could be my apprentice
And can't no nigga hurt or harm me cause they will get diminished
Bitch don't try me like a joke cause I correct a nigga fast
I'm a chick but I'll be quick to come and whoop off in yo ass
Ain't got no time for stalling shit you scared then you should call it quits
I'm ready and I'm deadly hoe so walk it like you talk it, Bitch


[Verse 5: Lil Jay]
Well I'm fresh as fuck dressed in all black with some Filas on
Bustin on yo ass we gone blast if you talking homes
Head fed up but my led tucked in my pocket pussy nigga what
We gone bust nigga quick to pop it Uno on your radio
MOB got plenty hoes crunk off in your state
in a rage making major dough
Lil Jay never fucking broke Jay forever stacking dough
Lil Jay pimping chiefing choke don't never take 'em for a joke

[Hook - repeat until end]

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