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C : CLEOPATRA : Comin' Atcha

Comin' Atcha
Текст песни Life Ain't Easy

Life Ain't Easy

(life ain't easy)
(gonna change)
(don't just listen)
(think about it)
Life ain't easy

When I see those people
Sitting hungry in the street
I put myself in their shoes
Finding safer places to sleep
People just walk past them
When they know there's something wrong
When all I want to know is
Why this thing is going on

(life ain't easy)
And how we are
Is gonna change to make this world a better place
(don't just listen)
You gotta take it in
Think about it and then we can begin
(life ain't easy)

Life don't last forever
And forever isn't long
So take a chance in life at this moment
You can hear this song
No use just thinking
About what tomorrow brings
You've got to lift your head up high
And do the right thing

(repeat chorus)

(life ain't easy) oh
Oh no, no, no
(it ain't easy)
(it ain't easy)
What I'm telling you is

(repeat first verse)

I'm saying
(life ain't easy)
Ooh, life ain't easy
(gonna change)
Ooh, ooh, darling
(don't just listen) you gotta
Take it, take it, it in
(think about it) and then we can begin

(life ain't easy)

(life just ain't easy)
It ain't easy
(oh, life) no
(just ain't easy)
No, life ain't easy
(life just ain't easy)
Take it in
(oh, life just ain't easy)
Oh, oh, oh

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