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Текст песни Lost Cat

Lost Cat

Lost cat in arthur street, black and white
If you go, I'll come without a fiiiiiiight
I'm sick of hearing damning words of you come cursing through my head
And I'm too proud to sit here,chasing time, wasting things we shared,
Or thought we had.
You said, I'm you digging a home
Truth is, you left a long time agoooooooo
But you can turn it on and play the innocent, though you've been caught.
And I'm too proud to sit here, saying everything is how it was.
Never been this sure.
Take it from where you want to grow, there's always tomorrow.
I'd rather have you smile than have you fall, no matter where you go.
Ten men in trial of love succeed
All those in arthur street will walk freeee.
And you can turn it on and play at anything you ever wanted to.
Cos you're not dull and I'm not strong enough to carry on wondering
How we're gonna see this through.

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