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C : CASUAL : Fear Itself

Fear Itself
Текст песни Thoughts of The Thoughtful

Thoughts of The Thoughtful

Verse one:

Start with the boom!!!
That's the sound from the stuff that we, puff
It's magic I'm draggin a foe to doom
And still refrain from being blunt
The tough get snuffed for being, lame
We men claim to be all that
Call back, I'll get wit cha
All act fat, frontin they really are close to me
But I'm prone to roast a poster like I'm supposed to be
Toast of the, and only me
Put your cups together, for the clever
Competition I'm just here with no limits
Cause I collapse your sad scraps like nimitz
Once I get in it, I'll put, my soul in
I believe I deceive just to leave your ears swollen
Stolen styles are booty to me
Removin smooth men ain't no duty to me
Booty I could be but I don't flex
The brother with flwows goes up, in more hoes than kotex
I got ya, like joe tex, go checks ya glossary
Cause I gots ta be
The bombed ass, supreme vocalist
I cream folks with this versafication signed cas

Verse two:

Check it out
When it comes to one two then shit men get
Offended, guns do, amend your mindstate
Wait I'm the buzz aight now hit this
Aim your aarow and there go your fitness
With this, flow, the swit-est, know
Yo, get this, flow
Fast-est, cas is never hittin ashes
Gettin clever, as this
Genius, clean diss, try to get a fiend it's
Going to cost you
You lost to, the master, at last the
Mass can peek the hard shit, in a, jeep
Or whatever you hear me though
Whether walkman or stereo
People wanna hear me flow
So I kicks one, tricks one
Clones are known to break a brother bad
But all is foul
So now I think i, need a rest from
Wandering and start pondering john within
And send a message to the best when
You switch from rags to rags

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