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C : CASUAL : Fear Itself

Fear Itself
Текст песни A Little Something

A Little Something


Yeah, huh
I will display my dynamics
Get out the way damnit
I plan it just to leave mc's abandoned
Brandin x's when I flex this
I wreck shit
And leave rappers searching for the exit
Lets get physical
I got precision skill
Until I fill ya spot when you rot
Shrivel, crazy paranoia cause I'll kill you
Cut you
Me and my microphone reach out and touch you
Crush you into particles
I'm sparkin, still I get smarter
And I make my styles hits harder
I mack styles
Stack piles
Distract smiles
You're wack while I continue to get in you


The main purpose to my service
Is to make mc's nervous
No one will serve this
Superb is my skill
Niggas get chills as I spills 'em
I kills them with vocals
I slam and folks will
Out jammies because I slam with ease
And you can't deny that because you abandoned me
Huh, I came to collect my thoughts
This collection brought perfection
And it was taught to the masses
Now your ass is out
Cause cas is out
Your shit clash, I doubt
That you will make it
But you can fake it, like these other pooh-butts
I don't know who
Or what signed 'em
They must be in it for the loot
Fuck, I don't need this wack shit
My tracks hit, the straight beat
And that's it
I hate a weak mc
When he speaks it tempts me
To crack his skull and leave his domepiece empty

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