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B : BOB SEGER : Beautiful Loser

Beautiful Loser
Текст песни Black Night

Black Night

Words and music by bob seger

He'll seem to come on with a vengance,

You'll think that you've been wasting time.

You'll think that you've been discussing history

And he'll have left you far behind.

Ah, but you must realize he needs you

To keep himself from going blind,

And when the black night falls upon you,

You'll find it easy to be kind... kind.

The stars may shimmer in the black sky,

The wind may rustle in the trees.

You may be worried he may psych you,

You might be praying on your knees.

Ah, but when you realize he needs you

And when you finally take some time,

The cool black night will fall upon you,

You'll find it easy to unwind.

Hey, the moon may rise on the misty mountain,

You'll wish you never made the climb.

But when the black night's finally with you,

You'll find it easy to be kind,

You'll find it easy to unwind,

You'll find it easy to be blind.

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