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B : BOB SEGER : Back in '72

Back in '72
Текст песни I've Got Time

I've Got Time

Words and music by bob seger

I was born at the break of dawning

In the last days of the last great war

My father was not in the fighting

And my mother never had to mourn

I was raised, raised and taught to hurry

I've been hurrying and worrying all my days

But now as I'm getting older

I think I'm learning how to run the race

And with you by my side, your heart close to mine,

I've got time

I used to wake up every morning

And lie there far too long

I had no reason for living

Everything I did was wrong

With you, and your faith in me,

Oh, how you made my whole life shine

And I've got time

You, and your faith in me,

Little girl, you made my whole life shine

And I've got time

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